Serene horses, as the result of an excellent natural horsemanship, they will make you feel an immediate connection with them. They are a pleasure to ride and to be around.


At Jerebeque Trails we use PRE horses breeding by us from our mares that also work on our rides, they are mares chosen for their resistance, work capacity, good character and for our favorite color Grey.


We choose stallions with the best and most contrasted origins within the race of the horse Andaluz horse, so we have got PRE horses for our rides of the best quality due to their ability to work in resistance in the hot summer temperatures, the lack of water as well as the capacity to survive in the snowy mountains of the Sierra the Gredos. They are horses with excellent character, friendly and close to the humans, easy to ride, they always give you the last breath in your gallops across the wide and length of the Cañadas Reales in Extremadura dry by the heat and muddy by the rain, trey will also be able to take you to the highest peaks and deepest valley of the  Sierra de Gredos along the granitic trails.


Riding our horses will be an unforgettable experience so much, that you will want to take it home!