• 1. Check availability

  • To  verify that your chosen ride is available and the departure is guaranteed:


    Give  us a call  at +34 635433079 

    By e-mail

    Fill the contact form  (Here)


    Once we have confirmed availability we can hold a place for you for up to 7 days while you  make the deposit.

    We can make some personalized suggestions for your trip and help you with any doubt you have.

  • 2. Send a deposit

  • After we confirm availability for your chosen date, either pay the deposit or full price if the departure date is less than 4 weeks away. The deposit is 350 €, the balance is due 4 weeks prior to departure.


    Payment can be made by:


    · Bank Transfer

    · PayPal

  • 3. Fill the Booking form

  • Once the payment of the deposit or full price has been received, we will confirm your booking by e-mail and you should fill the booking form on line and send it to us.



Why to book with Jerebeque Trails


Jerebeque is one of the most experienced companies in the sector in Spain and is the only one that offers two destinations in two different regions with its own horses.



Our rides are based on our horses and the owners of Jerebeque Trails, highly qualified, professionals with long-standing experience and work capacity for which we can offer the best quality at the best price.



Our horses work very hard as in any company in the sector, but ours are the happiest and best care, they live in freedom in groups, are caressed by the heat of the sun’s rays every morning filtered through the pines of the huge forest where they live grazing fresh grass accompanied by their best friends.



Jerebeque Trails is the only company that offers you a secure payment with PayPal that guarantees you the return of your money in case that the offered in your vacations is not described in our website.

(This option has an extra cost of 3,5% of the total price)


Your guide is duly qualified and is an expert responsible for the people and horses that make up the groups.

As well as the company is completely legal with all the licenses and permits necessary to operate in the protected areas where it operates as well as is insured with all the insurances set by Spanish law.



The catering and the customer attention in every aspect of the rides is all to an excellent standard. A support van follows the group during the whole week, meeting the group in the morning, for tapas-breaks, lunches of great quality and constant supply with a smile.


The service along the rides is outstanding.



Jerebeque Trails commits to responsible and sustainable tourism: the sociocultural authenticity of the local communities is respected, conserving their cultural and architectural assets, as well as their traditional values; generates local employment, both directly and indirectly; promotes and values local cultural traditions;  reactivates rural areas: it directly and indirectly boosts the local economy and brings life to these areas with visitors who are more responsible and respectful of their culture and environment, promotes the consumption of natural local products, our horses are managed in freedom, helping to maintain the traditional landscape of the areas where they live and our cultural tradition.