Emilio and Mamen, the heart and the soul of Jerebeque Trails.


These riding holidays are owned and operated personally by us, Emilio and Mamen, escorting the trips ourselves. This makes for the best quality experience; giving you access to our particular way of life and knowledge of these beautiful regions with our group of fantastic PRE horses born at home.


We compliment each other perfectly making everything works like a Swiss watch, both highly qualified for our work. A superb team making fantastic riding holidays!

We organize these exciting and authentic riding holidays taking care personally of everything, every little detail that makes the difference. You are guaranteed an authentic experience and also receive the best hospitality, riding our fantastic homebred pure breed horses much loved, a joy to ride and to be around. Leading by very experienced guide Emilio and with luxurious pic-nics and sensational local meals and drinks. You just have to relax and enjoy an incredible experience on horseback through unknown remote corners of Spain: Sierra de Gredos and Extremadura.


We were both born in Gredos Mountains, with a coherent lifestyle, we have renounced many things for living our purpose of life with great effort and dedication, in exchange for the best reward: personal improvement, success and personal fulfillment. We are good and happy people. You will share with us and our horses a week of relaxation, disconnection, serenity, which will allow you to soak up our lifestyle, our naturalness, simplicity and authenticity.



He was born in Sierra de Gredos, El Barco de Avila, Grandson of the most important Avilan cattleman in the region.


He is the pure connection with his own horses, expert rider, riding instructor by Spanish Equestrian Federation, professional in equestrian tourism over 30 years, he dedicates his whole life to his horses, a specialist in natural horsemanship and PRE horse breeder.


Every ride is personally guided by the experienced Emilio, with an experience over 30 years as equestrian guide he is a terrific guide. Emilio is expert rider and has a special ability to match his horses with riders. He is leading the groups with his confident and well-mannered homebred horses that are a pleasure to ride, you will always feel very safe. He is English speaker.


He personally takes care of our horses, breaking, training and giving them that serene, confident and friendly character that you have not seen in any other of your riding trips.


He also personally shoeing them, professional blacksmith, so do not worry if your horses lose their shoes cantering!



Was born in Sierra de Gredos, Bohoyo, Agricultural Engineer, degree in Environmental Sciences, expert in Rural Development, culture and rural customs, decided to leave her job as an engineer to start a natural life in the countryside closer to her family roots.


Mamen accompanies you on this exciting trip, with the best of her smiles and her dedication, that make the entire organization of the trip perfect. From the transfer at/to the airport, preparation of luxurious meals in the countryside, customer service, horses and all the details that make your trip an unforgettable experience.



Our faithful travel companion, a friendly Border Colie accompanies us on the trip. She is the real star of the rides!



We are always available to answer any question you might have.

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