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Born in El Barco de Avila. Grandson of Avileña cow cattleman, as a child, he always showed special interest in horses, animals with a constant presence in his life, until he decided to engage in horseback riding, in line with his idea of traveling on horseback.
Emilio speaks English.
Equestrian instructor at the Spanish Equestrian Federation.
Equestrian lead guide at the Equestrian basque Federation.
Breeder of purebred Spanish and Hispano-Arab horses.
Master blacksmith.
Founding partner of Equiberia – equitravel Gredos Company in which he has been responsible for the design of rides and facilities, as well as the careful selection of horses, and management method, which is still used.
He has worked in riding schools and equestrian tourism companies throughout Spain. He has also participated in horse riding in Jordan, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, etc. His experience has allowed him to succeed in making Gredos one of the most important tourist destinations in the world of equestrian tourism.
Emilio is expert rider and horsemanshiper has a special ability to relate well to horses, getting excellent temperament, confident, peaceful, secure and easy to ride horses.



The first thing is the person who shares a personal and professional project with Emilio.
The origins of Mamen are in Gredos. She has spent much of her life in these lands, linked to work in the fields of her family. A great lover of nature and outdoor work, very knowledgeable Gredos environment, its flora, fauna, culture, customs and traditions
Mamen is enthusiastic of horses, related to breeding them in the area of Gredos, she has worked in the care and selection of horses that traditionally has kept her family to work with cattle, avilan cow.


Sara is my niece she was born in the south of Spain, Andalucia, her father is a breeder of pure Andalucian horses, she was always in contact with horses.
Sara is social asistent she decide to change her live, have a rest enjoing the peaceful of Gredos. She speaks very good English, with very funny accent from the south.  She help me with everything leading rides, driving the support van, breaking foals...


He was born in Navarredonda de Gredos. He use to work all his live with cows and horses, since last year Gabriel take care of the mares and foals and when we are far away from home he is the boss at the stables. And he promise to me to stop smoking in 2050.


The finalcial Manager of Jerebeque Trails

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