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Stud Breeding Farm

We have PRE mares as well as Hispano Arabe mares. We use stallion of very good origins descendent of the legendary horse in Spain Zacateco that belonged to the Army in Spain.
We breed them in the wild in the mountains. They are rustic and adapted to the harsh climate and the stony soil of Gredos. They are used to riding along the uneven slopes of Gredos. these horses are excellent to ride on any terrain in Spain. They are strong and resistant, strong-willed but noble, and beautiful as any other breed.
We believe the Hispano Arabe is the best for long rides, delighting the rider with its smooth movement and tireless trot and gallop. The Hispano Arabe is a master piece of nature and it is only available in Spain.


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Riding Holidays in Spain - Jerebequetrails Ltd
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