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My method is based on the psychological connection between man and horse when he looks at me straight in the eye, a short glance will be enough for him. I let him see who I am. My mood, my psychological attitude, what I communicate is the most important aspect.
It is very important not to keep looking so that the horse doesn’t feel any kind of pressure.
My Attitude: I offer no resistance. In that way, the horse can perceive that I just want to be a friend, not a predator or a leader. This is extremely important as well as slow movements and relaxed arms which help gain the horse’s confidence.
Confidence is gained during the first sessions in the circular track when the horse perceives that I don’t demand immediate results.
Another important point to achieve is that the horse’s jaw, neck and back muscles are relaxed. It is not possible to ride a horse without this relaxation state.
The technique applied and the knowledge of language expression of the horse are also very important.

Horses Body Language

The ears indicate the horses’ state according to their position. Straight forward, backwards, in different positions, fallen, in constant movement. During the horsemanship session in the circular track, it is important that the horse hears us. That is indicated when his ears point towards the interior side of the track where we are located.
The tail is also very important regarding horses’ body language. A simple movement may indicate irritation and thus prevent an attack. Therefore, a relaxed tail pointing to the ground indicates a serene and confident horse.
The mouth is also very meaningful. The gestures made while eating, the tongue, the lips relaxed or tight are also indicators of tension.

At jerebequetrails we can tame your horse.
We can also try to solve problems with your horse based on our idea of natural horsemanship without violence.
We have accomplished excellent results getting serene, confident and good-tempered horses used in different disciplines.
Our methods do not use metallic devices on the nose that can be painful neither hard nor soft horse bit until we realize the horse is ready to use them in case it is necessary.

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