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Riding Holidays in Spain- 2011

Dear friends and clients,,,,. Jerebeque Trails has just successfully finished the first season thanks to many friends like Michelle Vock who always appreciate my work in my ex company, and always gave me encouragement in difficult moments, and thanks for coming in May to do Gredos - Salamanca ride together with her friends Cornelia Falkenberg, Joseph Hofstetter, and Jenny Thomas , thank you all four of you for your help and frienship. I want to say thank you to Sigurn Christensen for having booked the Four Valleys ride in January just to get the 2010 news letter without any doubts or questions Thanks also to Carrie and Leslie Cheong from Singapore they came in May and once again in September Thanks also for the trip report to Hidden Trails. I wish to thank to Peter Singline for his trip report to Hidden T. Natalya and Alexander Valashov a very nice couple from Holland, I appreciated their friendship and trip report to Unicortrails. Thanks to Jane Forshyt that she did Across the mountains 6 years ago and came back in September for the Four valleys ride, Thanks also to Marta and Elena. Magnus and Chris Tevell from Sweden

Thank you Roger and Kelly Mckimmy. Tanja and Imke. Thanks to Funnel Julie´s group in the last ride of the season where we gave to the last breath of energy horses and i. If they come back i promise to give them a long ride by car.
Thanks to the invaluable and selfless help of Domingo Arrabe owner of the tack shop in Navarredonda de Gredos. Thank you for your encouragement and friendship Santiago, Asun, Eva, Elena the most marvelous family in Barco de Avila.
Thanks also to the professionals like Ryan Smith owner of Hidden Trails, with whom it was so easy to deal, thanks for your confidence, efficiency. Your help has been so important for JEREBEQUE TRAILS in this first year.
Thanks to Wendy Hofstee owner of Unicortrails for listening to me, for her confidence and for introduce me in Greenways travel thanks to Maria the owner, Christophe Lesourd owner of Cavaliers du Monde it was all easy and fast.
Thanks to Zara Stassin of Zara´s Planet also Carles Lopez of Horseandnature.
Nothin would have been possible without the horses of Jerebeque Trails Lola, Albero, Dedicada, Destinada, Reina, Deudor, Alia, Arce, Abril…….. ..that despite their youth have behaved with great maturity. For most of them it has been the first season and they followed me through the paths of Gredos as if they had done for years already; it was great!! The last summer we brake Baru and Batik P.R.E foals 3 years old that they will be ready for next season
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